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Jason Gladden
Born in United States
32 years
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Diana Chambers
I only had the pleasure of knowing Jason for one year, but what an impact he made in that short time. He always had a smile and a song - I will always remember him whistling and singing. He had a way of putting things into perspective, a way of turning everything into a positive. He reminded me that “work should be a fun place to come to.” He would say "if we can’t have fun at what we do, then why are we doing it?" He had such energy, such drive, and was the kindest person I’ve ever known. He genuinely cared for people and you felt it. He never just went through the motions. I will honor him by trying to do the same. Thank you Jason for being a part of our lives.
Robert Hatta
I'll miss you, buddy.  You lived many different lives in the time we knew each other, some glowing, some tough.  In all, your supreme talent and warm heart (and some amazing friends) brought you home safely. 
Amanda West
My memory is of Jason wearing a bright orange construction worker outfit, hanging out with my roommates in the "Vortex", the common room of our suite. 
T.J. Van Dusen
I barely knew Jason, but I can so vividly picture him sitting on my couch laughing. My wife and I talked about how Jason was a man's man in a loving caring kind of way. He loved to watch sports and we always had a game on the few times he was over. Besides his laugh and smile what I will remember most about Jason are the crazy sodas he would bring to the house like the one still in my frig from the last time he was here (Cock 'n Bull Ginger Ale). I wish I knew you better Jason, you will be missed.
Heather Steele

I can't in one paragraph surmise my friendship with Jason. I have known him since his sophomore year in college. I remember when Scott Chapman (who I grew up with) first called me and asked if I knew a Miss Shannon Wyckoff who coincidently attended my small private school in remote Lake Arrowhead and also played volleyball. We live in such a small world; she was the girlfriend of his then roommate and future best friend Jason Gladden.


Years later Jason, Scott and I would reunite and spend considerable time together. In those months and years we grew very close and I count Jason as one of the best friend’s I’ve ever had. I called us the 3 amigos. He made fun of me constantly but would always follow-up with a bear hug. He knew that I needed a hug a day and obliged with a smile and a “shucky poopers”. He was a rock and a companion who made me laugh harder then anyone else. Simply going to the bookstore, drinking coffee and checking out the girls in the self-help isle was an adventure! 


He was a man with many friends (as he would reminded me when I would make fun of him for only hanging out with me and Scott) and the hole he has left will never be filled. I am truly blessed to have had him to the extent I did for the last 2 years.
Corinne Chapman

Though I have thousands of memories about Jason, I will tell you about my two favorite...

My Senior year, Scott and Jason worked at a company that was bought out and Jason asked me if I wanted to go to Cabo with them on an all expense paid trip.  He later told me that I was his first choice because I was like his sister and he wasn't concerned with whether I would have a good time because we always had a good time together.  We spent four days dancing, fishing, parasailing, eating, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and for the first time not concerned with having fun on a college budget.  We would go to Squid Row (a local dance club) every night and show the whole place up with our amazing swing dance skills.  Scott and Stefanie against Jason and Corinne.  I believe we kicked their butts, at least that's what he always said.  We had the time of our lives.  Thanks buddy for including me in your adventure.


A very small but not insignificant memory was when he came down to my parents with my brother for a week.  We were having a garage sale and he sat at the top of the stairs playing me songs on the guitar and showing me chords I didn't know.  I was just learning.  I sounded horrible and didn't have calluses like he did.  Instead of cringing and taking his guitar back, he sang along and encouraged me.  That's who he was.

Suzanne Toledo Zimmerer

When I think about Jason, the first thing that comes to mind is his laugh.  It was such a playful and mischievous laugh.  A laugh that if you were sharing it with him, it made you feel special and part of the good times.  It was a laugh that if you heard it from far away, it made you want to be included and made you want to know what exactly was so great and so funny.  His laugh was not merely a sound; it was an experience.  He evoked such emotion with that laugh.  His whole body responded.  And when you shared this kind of laugh with Jason, you had a connection with him. 


The second thing that comes to mind when I think about Jason was his ability to give the perfect hug.  What made it so perfect was the seemingly paradoxical combination of things – his impressive, commanding physical presence and tough guy exterior paired with his open, gentle arms, his twinkling eyes, and his willingness to share such a close, personal embrace.  A hug was yet another way to feel connected to Jason. 


So, I realize that it is impossible to share just one memory of Jason that would adequately summarize who he is.  But his laugh and his embrace give me comfort and remind me that he was a loving, gregarious, funny, outgoing, and playful guy who constantly found ways to connect himself to the people he cared about.  This is the way I will remember him. 


~ Suzanne

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