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Jason Gladden
Born in United States
32 years
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Family Tree
Mara Estero My Condolences for the Family September 30, 2011
Have you lost a loved one in death? The pain, the grief, and the feelings of helplessness can seem unbearable. At such times, we need to go to God’s Word for comfort. (2 Corinthians 1:3, 4) The Bible helps us to understand how Jehovah and Jesus feel about death. Jesus, who perfectly reflected his Father, knew the pain of losing someone in death. (John 14:9) When he was in Jerusalem, Jesus used to visit Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha, who lived in the nearby town of Bethany. They became close friends. The Bible says: “Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.” (John 11:5) Though, Lazarus died. How did Jesus feel about losing his friend? The account tells us that Jesus joined Lazarus’ relatives and friends as they grieved over this loss. Seeing them, Jesus was deeply moved. He “groaned in the spirit and became troubled.” Then, the account says, “Jesus gave way to tears.” (John 11:3335) Did Jesus’ grief mean that he had no hope? Not at all. In fact, Jesus knew that something wonderful was about to happen. (John 11:3, 4) Still, he felt the pain and sorrow that death brings. In a way, Jesus’ grief is encouraging to us. It teaches us that Jesus and his Father, Jehovah, hate death. But Jehovah God is able to fight and overcome that enemy! Let us see what God enabled Jesus to do.
For more reference about this wonderful hope you can visit www.watchtower.org 
Susan Nagai Friend December 31, 2010
You're on my mind today Bill.  Praying for you and your continued comfort.
mom 2 Waylon Kitchens Angels watching over you August 7, 2009
Sarah Mansoori Friend July 8, 2009

I'm so sorry to learn of Jason's passing.  He was a truly bright, wonderful, and generous man with a passion for life who would quite literally go out of his way to help anyone.  I lost touch with Jason some years ago, and it is with a very heavy heart that I give my condolences. 


Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.



Todd Friend July 7, 2009

Bill and Dawn...my thoughts are with you today.  Love, Todd

Todd Fisher Friend January 1, 2009

Bill and Dawn,


I just wanted you both to know that Jason will NEVER be forgotten - you raised a wonderful son who became a great friend of mine, whose loss will leave a void I can never replace. You're not alone...my thoughts and prayers are with you both.


I love you both,


Jeff Grant Stanford Wrestling Teammate January 1, 2009
Bill and Dawn,

I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of Jason and both of you tonight. In this yearly moment when everyone around you is celebrating the New Year, I know that this must be a particularly difficult day for you. In this past year, I have thought about Jason and the two of you often- many times this has been spurred on by hearing one of the songs from his memorial video being played on the radio. My heart goes out to you and all of your family. I hope you take peace in knowing that many people continue to remember Jason and be thankful that we had him in our lives. I wish you continued healing and the reflection of positive memories in 2009.

Jeff Grant
Stanford Wrestling Team 1993-1998
Susan Nagai Friend of Bill December 31, 2008

Bill and Dawn,

As the anniversary of Jason's death is upon us, I want you both to know that our family still prays for you nightly.  I know that Jason will never be forgotten and that you'll never stop hurting.  I pray that the Lord will continue to bring you both peace. 


Sincerely, Susan

TJ Gaynor former teammate September 15, 2008
I am very sorry to hear of your loss, I just found out today.  I played with Jason a few years at Stanford.  Honestly I didn't know him and don't remember every talking to him but what I do remember is that he was a great teammate, practiced hard, worked hard and was respected by everyone.  God bless Jason and your family.
Robert R Bryan Friend of Bill and old classmate August 13, 2008
Bill I have read through these messages about your son and the message is clear; he was an exceptional person.  I remember the days back in school when we'd start chatting about which class of medications are best for this patient blah blah and we'd start talking about life and your face would light up when we talked about your son and rightfully so.  You would beam with pride about your sons accomplishments and one day, nonchalantly you commented how I kinda remind you of him.  That is an honor.  I want you to know that listening to stories and reading about your son and how he touched so many people's lives really makes me stop and think about life.  His impression on others will be here forever.

Take care,

Tara Harrington Friend and Stanford Classmate April 14, 2008

To Jason's Family,


Jason was a friend to all, a smile for all, a helping hand for all.  I am sure everyone who knew him cherished each moment shared.  He will be missed so dearly and even more so by those who never experienced his charm, passion for life, or his love.


Jason was an angel on earth and now a guardian angel for us all,


Thank you for sharing him with us,


Tara Harrington

Mr. & Mrs Gladden Past School mate January 29, 2008
Dear Mr & Mrs Gladden,

I just became aware of the passing of your son and you have my deepest condolences. I had the opportunity to share 3 out of my 4 high school years with your son. I remember playing football with him and was always inspired by his high athletic ability as well as his ability to achieve the same results in his studies. Being that we both were born in L.A. and during the month of July I remember wishing that his abilities would rub off on me.  Now that I am a father I cannot imagine the pain that you have endured but I believe that God will comfort you both and know that he is at the Lords side in Heaven.


Adrian Cortes
Dylan Morse Friend to Chapman Family January 19, 2008

 Unfortunantly I was only able to meet Jason a couple of times, however it only takes one look at this page to see the effect he had with his short stay among us.  The outpouring of emotion shown not only by his "families" (the Gladdens & the Chapmans) but many friends proves his true heart and wonderful friendship.  If all we have to show at the end of our lives is the impression we leave on those around us, then it is obvious Jason took advantage of the time he had here. 

"The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

Linda Moore Friend and co-worker of Bill January 19, 2008


Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Although I never had the opporutunity to meet Jason, I knew alot about him by all that you shared.  He was a kind and generous person, much like you.  You had to have been a wonderful father. I am truely sorry for your loss.  May fond memories of Jason get you and your family through these hard times.  Please know, if ever you need anything you have a wonderful circle of friends, don't ever hesitate to ask.

Take care...


Linda Moore

Randy Hays Teacher, family friend January 19, 2008
I am saddened by the loss of your son. I pray to God that He will comfort you in this difficult time. I will remember Jason as an achiever, a great athlete and scholar, probably at or near the top of the list in Prairie's thirty years. His achievements didn't stop in high school....Stanford, entrepreneur, millionaire, trailblazer in the dot com era. In addition to his achievements he was polite, respectful, and humble, Every father and mother would be proud to have him as a son. I was blessed to know him and stunned by the news of his passing.
Abby and Dwane friend of Dawn January 18, 2008
Dawn, No words can ease the pain you and your family are going through right now.  I want you to know our prayers are with you . You shared with me the love you have for Jason You are a great Mom And he loves you very much.     call me when you feel ready                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Ryan Barnes Friend of Jason and Family January 17, 2008

Bill and Dawn,


You should be proud of the wonderful person you created as Jason truly is a reflection of both of you.  I can not express how important he was in my life and I am blessed to have had him as my close friend.  He loved you dearly and will always be by your side. 





Maria Martinez friend and coworker January 17, 2008

Dear Bill and family,

I am so sorry about your loss. May God bless you and give you strength. You know you can count on me for anything you need. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Big Hugs



Vickie S. Henke friend of Dawn January 17, 2008


I am so,so, deeply sorry for your loss.

All my Prayers and Love go out to you.

Those we have held in our arms for a

little while, we hold in our hearts forever.




Love Vickie

Heather Winters past January 17, 2008
Bill -
So sorry to hear of the loss of your son Jason.  My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family during this difficult time.  My heart is so sad for you - no parent should have to go through what you're going through.
My deepest condolences to you & your family.
Danielle Russo Friend January 16, 2008
Dear Dawn and Bill,

My heart and prayers are with you. Know my family and I loved and cared for your son deeply in the time we knew him. Jason had an inner light that radiated from his Being and which everyone around him could feel the moment he stepped into a room; the warmth of his unconditional love will be with us always. We were all blessed. I pray that time and love will bring you healing from suffering and peace from grief. Please do not hesitate if there is anything you need.

Danielle Russo; Hollis and Lon Radin; Annemarie Russo
Linda (Cawley) Herrmann Bill's Friend January 15, 2008
Dear Bill, I remember Jason's description you, "Dad has a heart of gold." To know you was to know that was undeniably true. Your love for your son knew no bounds. I pray for you and Dawn, and I hope you can both find peace in knowing that Jason's life was extremely blessed because he had two parents who loved him so, as well as a multitude of friends. Always, Linda
Tony Romero Friend January 15, 2008

bill and dawn.

 It was such a pleasure to get to know your son he brought much joy to all of us out here in palo alto/menlo park,He will be missed our prays are with you and also with him.

Buzz Mouncer Close Beside You January 15, 2008

When you feel the need for crying

I'll not brush away your tears.

Instead I'll sit beside you

and listen to your fears.


When you feel all bent and broken

I'll not cling or hold you tight.

I'll just stay close to comfort you

until you feel alright.


When you admit the pain is painful

I'll accept your hurt as well.

I'll not promise it gets better

for we know only time will tell.


And if you need to say some things

just speak and I'll be there.

I'll not offer false solutions

in this time of your despair.


Or if I see that you seem cold

I'll not turn my glance away.

Instead I'll offer you my cloak

to warm your chilly day.


And in your heart where you find a void

that has suddenly been revealed

I'll offer to transfuse my own

until the hole is sealed.


I can't express to you my sorrow

for the son who now you grieve.

But I'll pray with you he's in a better place

than the one he had to leave.


And when you feel you're all alone

please know that in the end

I'll stay right here close beside you

because I am your friend.

Gretchen Walz Friend of Jason's January 15, 2008
Dear Gladden Family,

I only had brief encounters with your son. But he was one of those people- even if you meet once the memory of him lasts a lifetime. I was lucky to meet Jason at my high school graduation in 1998. He was friends with Scott and Stefanie (my cousin) Chapman (that is the connection).. He always went out of his way to bring a smile to one's face and everyone felt included when he was around. He was a good good man. you are all in my prayers.

Jim & Sharlene Bays Old Friends January 14, 2008

Bill & Dawn,

Words cannot express how stunned we were to read of Jason's passing...kind of like being hit up side the head with a 2X4.  We both have many fond memories of Jason as a young boy & the friendship our families had during your time in Woodland.  We followed his athletic career in the newspapers after you moved away and Jason even stopped in the shop one day to visit after he graduated high school.  There was never a question that he would excel at whatever mission he undertook, and although we have lost touch with him as the years passed, he obviously touched everyone he met as he did us.  May God bless you and give you strength at this difficult time.  We only wish there was something we could say to help the hurt.  Know that you are loved, and that many friends are sharing your pain. 

Love, Jim & Sharlene          

Shelly Palmer & Loni Roberts Family Friend January 14, 2008

Bill & Dawn,


We are deeply sadden by the loss of your beloved son Jason, our prayers and thoughts are with you.


Shelly, Cody, Justin and Jennifer Palmer

Loni and Josh Roberts

Rod Maynard former high school coach January 13, 2008

Bill and Family,

We are truly sorry and saddened to hear of the loss of Jason.   We extend our greatest sympathy.



Rod and Betsy Maynard



Doug Cox Friend and Coaching Buddy of Bill January 13, 2008
Bill & Family,
We feel such pain for you and your loss. Please know that we love you, support you and are ready to do all that we can to help you embrace Jason's memory.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
God Bless, Doug & Christie Cox
Alice & Chris Giese Past Co-workers of Dawn January 13, 2008


We are so sorry for your loss.  You were always so loving and proud of Jason. Please know that our prayers are with you. Sincerely~ Alice & Chris

Laurel Zander Past co-worker of Bill January 13, 2008



Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Jason personally I felt I knew him through you and how you always talked so proudly of him and his accomplishments.  


My condolences, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.




Ray and Lisa Nelson Our deepest sorrow January 13, 2008

Bill and family, We are deeply sorry to hear about Jason. No words can describe the heartfelt pain we feel for you and your family.

Sincerely,       Ray and Lisa Nelson

Dawn and Family, Friend January 11, 2008

I am so sorry to have learned about the passing of your son.  You spoke so fondly of him and I know you were a great mother and friend.  My thoughts are with you.



Greg Harmon

Heather Winters past Delta Ticket Agent January 11, 2008
I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your son - my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time - my heart is so sad for you - I will be thinking of you with deepest sympathies and my deepest condolences.
Heather Winters "H1"(Delta-PDX)
Heather Winters past Delta Ticket Agent January 11, 2008
Bill: I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your son - my thoughts & prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time - my heart is so sad for you - I will be thinking of you with deepest sympathies and sincere condolences. Sincerely, Heather Winters "H1"/Delta-PDX
Joanna (Wimer) Karjola Friend of Jason January 10, 2008

Gladden Family,

I was so sorry to hear of Jason's passing. He was a friend in elementary and middle school years in Woodland and I have lots of fun memories with him. He definitely left a lasting impression on those whose lives he touched. His great smile will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing him.


Lyle & Glenna Lovec Friend of Dawn January 10, 2008


We are so sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you and son,,


Glenna & Lyle

Dottie Colgate-Johnson Family Acquaintance January 10, 2008

Bill and Family -


I am so deeply sorry for your loss.  Jason was such a great kid when I knew him.  He and my son John played football together at Prairie and remembering those days has brought back some very special times.


May the Lord keep you in his arms and comfort you in your grief.  My prayers are with you all.



Dottie Colgate-Johnnson

Jan Kaplan Friend of Bill January 10, 2008


Rita let me know of your loss. I am so sorry. I know that your heart is broken but also I know that your son is at peace. 

Jan Kaplan Delta/Western

Lance Fisher Friend of Jason January 10, 2008
Bill and Dawn,

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Jason was a wonderful person--tenacious in pursuing his dreams but with a deep compassion and surprising gentleness. I've never known another person with such an ability to focus and yet be so kind to those around him. He laughed big and lived with a whole heart. It makes me smile to remember him walking in our house with Todd and heading straight for the refrigerator, saying "Hmm, what's to eat?"  It was impossible to not laugh. I miss him.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you all in this terrible time.

Lance Fisher
Jack Artman Jason's Friend January 9, 2008

Dear Gladden Family,

I'd like to express my deepest condolences for your loss. Jason was a good friend, a terrific wrestling partner, and an all-around good guy. I share in your loss and will miss him very much. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.




Charity Schadt Friend of Jason January 9, 2008


Bill and Dawn,                                                                                              


Words cannot express the grief you must feel in the loss of your child.  May God be your comfort during the days ahead and flood your heart with wonderful memories of Jason.  Thinking and praying for you both.



Charity (Murphin) Schadt 

Dawn Rowe teacher/coach at PHS January 9, 2008

To Jason's family and friends,

All day long students have been asking if I knew Jason, and all day long I said,
"Yes, and he was one of the most amazing student athletes to ever grace the doors of PHS." I will be praying for the comfort of our Father to embrace each of those who are grieving. Thank God we will get to spend an eternity with Jesus and Jason.


Love in Christ,

Dawn Rowe 



Peter and Judie Friend of Bill January 9, 2008

Bill and family 


Bill I Know how much you loved and admired your son.  He will be greatly missed by all. Jasons memory will be cherished and live your through family and friends.  Bill if there is anything you need.  Please call.

Our thoughts and prayer are with you.


Peter and Judie

Becky Scurrah-Rorabaugh Friend of Jason & Bill January 9, 2008

Bear Bill and family,

My heart goes out to you. Jason is an exemplary man with the biggest heart I have ever known. It is evident he made his mark on earth. God bless you during this time & please know that you are in my daily thoughts and payers.


Becky Scurrah-Rorabaugh 

Jack Artman Friend and Wrestling Parner January 9, 2008
Don and Mary Lou Witter Friend of Dawn January 8, 2008

Dear Dawn and Family,  We are so sorry to hear of your loss of Jason.  You are on our hearts and in our prayers.  We miss you and want you to know we LOVE you and are here for you if you need us...


Love,  Don and Mary Lou    The Dalles, OR   Ideal Homes

Bill, Carol, and Brian Shaw Friends January 8, 2008
So sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. We will keep you in our thoughts. Bill, Carol, and Brian.
Paul and Nancy Fisher Friends of Jason, Bill, & January 8, 2008

Dear Bill and Dawn,


Words can't express our sadness for you with the loss of Jason, and we can't even begin to know the grief you must be feeling.  We just pray that God will give you His love and comfort in a way no one else can.  We wish we were closer to help you in some way.  And we want you to know that we loved Jason--he was like one of our own kids, especially during their high school years.  We've missed seeing him and both of you in the last few years.  We just wish we could have told him again how much he meant to us!  He was truly a kind and loving person! 

We send our love and special prayers for you both,

Paul and Nancy

Velvet Cox Pharmacist- Friend of Bill January 8, 2008

Bill and Family,

 This is such a shock. I have listened to you speak of your son so many times. I know that you and the rest of your family will miss him dearly. May you find comfort in your memories of him. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Wishing you peace and comfort... Velvet

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